What is Pocket Papers available on?

Pocket Papers is available on iOS and Android.

What examination material is included?

Pocket Papers includes exam papers, marking schemes, hand outs and aural sound files. If it's available on the examinations.ie website, it's in the App!

What subjects and years are available?

Pocket Papers includes over 40 Leaving Certificate subjects and over 25 Junior Certificate subjects. Content from the years 2001* - 2019 is provided.

* where content is available on the SEC website and the syllabus has not changed significantly

Is the material available as Gaeilge?

Yes. Both English and Irish versions of the material are provided. The required language is selected in the Settings tab and the correct versions are automatically downloaded.

Is Pocket Papers free?

Yes, Pocket Papers is free to download and all content is included. Some ads are periodically displayed when using the app.

How much is it to go Ad-Free?

Upgrading to Ad-Free access costs €1.99. This will disable all ads from being displayed.

If I purchase Ad-Free access on one device will I get it on all my devices?

Yes. The authentication process uses your Apple ID or your Google Play account, so once you are signed in on your other devices, your purchase can be restored.

Does Ad-Free access in the Leaving Certificate App grant me Ad-Free access in the Junior Certificate App and vice-versa?

No. The two editions of the App work independently from one another. Ad-Free access must be purchased for each edition.

I have just bought Ad-Free access but ads are still being displayed. What's up?

Use the 'Restore Purchases' button. This will reload your purchases from Apple's/Google's server.

I tried the Restore button but still no luck.

Relax. Make yourself a cup of tea and try again in a few minutes. Sometimes these things take time. If the problem persists, use our contact page and we'll resolve the issue.

The app crashes when I try to open something!

This can happen if there was an error syncing with our servers. Use the "Reload Examination Material" option in Settings tab to refresh the available content. If the problem persists, remove and reinstall the app on your device.

If you are using Pocket Papers on Android, the app's internal PDF reader may be incompatible with your device. Use the "Open Externally" option in the menu bar to try another PDF reader app to open the files.

If none of these options work, use our contact page and we'll do our best to resolve the issue.

All my tabs are empty. There's no subjects to choose from!

This can happen if you initially open the App with no internet access. The first time you open the App, it downloads the list of available subjects and content. You can force the App to do this again by using the 'Reload Examination Materials' option on the Settings Tab (once you have internet access).

I am missing some content.

We continuously monitor and update our links so that all of the examination content is available. If some content is missing, or if you are having trouble accessing a particular file, you should use the 'Reload Examination Materials' option on the Settings Tab.

Pocket Papers is taking up too much space on my device.

If you have 'Autosave Files' turned on, each time you access content it is automatically saved to your device. This speeds up the App and reduces your data usage. You can switch this feature off in the Settings Tab. Additionally, the Settings Tab offers a File Management section where you can see the sizes of each subject's content and delete files as required. The largest files are the aural sound files. Delete these first if you need to free up space.